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    From planning and auditions to collecting tickets on opening night it takes a village to put on a show. It's more than just actors. The producer starts putting a team together once the show is approved by the LRCT Board of Directors.
     Next come the auditions to fill the necessary roles and begin rehearsals 8 to 12 weeks prior to the show opening depending on the complexities of characters and staging.
    Meanwhile, a stage manager is enlisted along with technicians to handle lighting and sound, make-up, and set changes. A costumer is hired to outfit the cast in appropriate attire. The producer will also work with the set designers to build and dress the set. So much to do and so little time. It all comes together in a matter of a few weeks.
    Almost all of the cast and crew have full time jobs or are full time students so they donate their time and talent to LRCT because they love theater and yes they love the applause of a live audience. So please, look for our next production and please bring your family and friends to the show and support local theater in the Lake Region.
    Come join the fun!

Jobs include:

Stage Hand: moving scenery, curtain pulling, prepping for scene changes or costume changes, helping actors navigate backstage, and presetting props.

Costumes: assisting the costume designer(s) by constructing costume items from patterns, altering clothing, embellishing costumes or headpieces, making jewelry or accessories, ironing, labeling costume pieces with the actor's name, and helping with costume changes.

Set Building: assisting the scenic designer(s) by helping to build set pieces based on their designs.  

Set Painting: painting set pieces or backdrops based on scenic designer/director's specifications.

Makeup: assisting the makeup coordinator, helping actors apply their makeup (especially young children), help keep makeup organized so it is easily accessible, making sure everything stays sanitary by giving out sponges and applicators, applying prosthetics (when necessary), and painting designs (when necessary, based on experience)

Ticket Handler: collect money, hand out tickets, handling ticket vouchers from LRCT members, and answering questions.

Usher: collecting ticket stubs, hand out programs, help audience find a seat (when necessary), making sure no one brings forbidden items into the theater, and collecting garbage

Concession Stand: collect money, set up tables, organize food donations, and answer questions about food contents

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us at lrct_me@yahoo.com or complete the volunteer form below!

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