So You Want to Be a Member?

By becoming a member of Lake Region Community Theatre:

  • You will be supporting our local theatre group.
  • You will receive discounts to theatre workshops.
  • You will receive newsletters and notices about theatre happenings.
  • You will be welcome at our monthly meetings.
Your membership dollars help bring quality shows and workshops to the Lake Region area.

Levels of Membership

DEVELOPER ~ $15 per year – available to all K-12 students

SUPPORTER ~ $25 per year – available to all adults

Developer and Supporter membership benefits include:
1. One voucher for one free ticket to one show/year
2. Member voting rights at the annual meeting
3. Discounts at theatre workshops run by LRCT
4. Name listing in program (if desired) for all LRCT productions. The satisfaction and pride of supporting LRCT

FAMILY ~ $40 per year
Benefits include 1 – 5 above plus one additional voucher for a free ticket to an LRCT

Benefits include 1 – 5 above plus 2 free tickets yearly

Download and print the Membership Form below.  Then fill out all the required information and mail it along with your check to:

Lake Region Community Theatre
PO Box 221
Casco, ME, 04015

Checks are payable to:  Lake Region Community Theatre or LRCT

Lake Region Community Theatre
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