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Auditions will consist of singing from one of the songs below and learning a short choreographed piece.

For dance auditions, please wear appropriate clothing that will not limit your movement and appropriate shoes (no sandals, flip flops, rain boots or Crocs).  Dance shoes or sneakers are best! You also may be asked to show off any extra skills you have!

This show has roles for children (8 years of age and older) AND adults - Come audition with the whole family!

Matilda: The Musical, based on the book by Roald Dahl, is set in a small village in England. Therefore, all dialogue in this show is expected to be done with British accents. While not required for auditions, we strongly suggest you prepare your audition with a British accent. Please keep in mind that accents should be well enunciated. We should be able to clearly understand what you are saying/singing.

Please come prepared to sing from one of the songs listed below. 

Anyone interested in Matilda & females with lower ranges:
"Naughty" - 2:22-THE END (Lyrics found HERE)
Females with higher ranges & those interested in Miss Honey:
"My House" - 1:17-2:41(Lyrics found HERE)
Anyone interested in Miss Trunchbull:
"The Smell of Rebellion" - 2:34-3:19 (Lyrics found HERE)
All male roles:
"Telly" - 0:25-1:06 (Lyrics found HERE)
*If you need sheet music provided to you, please contact us via Facebook Messenger (Lake Region Community Theatre) or via email lrct_me@yahoo.com.

*Age ranges are flexible 
The title character of the story. She MUST be as SMALL as possible. Essential Enigmatic, serious, intense VERY STRONG acting ability, clear voice with perfect pitch and clarity. She carries the entire show.  
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano 
Range: A4-C#5 
The tyrannical headmistress at Matilda's school who despises children. Can be played by a male or female. STRONG comedy and vocal ability. 
Voice: Baritone 
Range: A2-G4 
*Age: 30-50 
Matilda's kindhearted teacher. Soft spoken and kind. She befriends Matilda. She is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull.  
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano 
Range: F3-D5 
*Age: 22-40 
Matilda's uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman. Strong comedic acting needed.  
Voice: Baritone 
Range: D3-A4 
*Age: 30-45 
Matilda's self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Strong singer & dancer needed.  
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano 
Range: A3-F5 
*Age: 30-45 
The kind Librarian who takes a liking to Matilda. Strong actress.  
*Age: 40+ 
Matilda's older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents. Comedic actor 
Voice: Tenor 
Range: C4-E5 
*Age: 12-16 

Matilda’s classmate. Essential Vocal ability for “Revolting Children”. Acting ability. Comic. As part of the action on stage this role is required to eat chocolate cake, and frosting. Strong Dancer 
Voice: Tenor 
Range: F3-F5 
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. Essential Good dance. Strong singing and acting. Loud and kooky - likes to have fun - big personality.  
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. Strong dance and vocal ability.  
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. Essential Strong and Bold. Strong dance and vocal ability.  
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. Essential Feisty. Strong dance and vocal ability.  
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. As small as possible. Strong dance and vocal ability.  
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. Essential Vocal stamina for spoken dialogue. Strong dance ability. Strong vocal ability.  
*Age: 8-12 
Matilda’s classmate. Essential Strong dance and vocal ability.  
*Age: 8-12 
A very STRONG group of dancers and singers. They are the tough kids at the school and perform the shows biggest singing and dancing numbers: EX: Revolting children. There are solo lines, parts in this group. These kids have to be substantially bigger than the little kids…so teenagers.  
*Ages: 13-20 
A character in the story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. Must be a strong singer and dancer. Voice: Baritone 
Range: C3-D4 
*Ages: 25-40 
A character in the story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. Must be a strong singer and dancer. Voice: Mezzo-Soprano 
Range: D4-A4 
*Age: 25-40 
Mrs. Wormwoods dance partner. Strong singer & dancer.  
Voice: Tenor 
Range D#3-A4 
*Age: 18+ 
The doctor who helps Mrs. Wormwood deliver Matilda. 
Featured soloist.  
Voice: Tenor 
Range: C3-A5 
*Age: 25+ 
Other featured parts with solos & lines. 
These characters will play numerous roles in the show.
Acting, singing AND dance needed for these roles.  


Frequently Asked Questions for LRCT Auditions

Where can I find the performance dates for the show?
Performance dates can generally be found under the Current Events bar on every page of the website.  For PC or Mac users, this can be found on the right side of each page.  For all mobile devices, Current Events can be found by scrolling to the bottom of each page.  

How can I prepare for auditions?
Check out the script if possible and listen to all songs if it is a musical.  Under the Auditions page of the website, there will be specific instructions on what you need to prepare for music or acting roles. For musicals, you will be asked to sing and dance at auditions.

What time should I arrive for auditions?
Those who wish to audition must arrive between the hours posted on the advertised listing.  It would be helpful for us to know in advance if you expect to arrive within the last hour of auditions. 

Is there anything I need to do once I arrive?
Once you arrive, you will be asked to complete an audition form including your personal contact information, the role(s) you want to be considered for, previous performance experience, dates you are unavailable and other commitments to your time.  Your headshot will also be taken.  

What if I have no performance experience?
If you do not have any performance experience, this will not impact your ability to be cast.  

Will I have to sing or act in front of other people who are auditioning? 
For musicals, you will most likely be put in groups based on the order in which you arrive and the song you will be auditioning with.  Each group will begin by warming up and singing the required audition song together. You will then be brought in individually to sing in front of a small group consisting of the director, music director, a producer, and an experienced member of the LRCT Board of Directors. 

Do I have to participate in a dance audition?
Yes, everyone who is auditioning for a musical needs to participate in dance auditions.  All dance auditions for musicals will be done in the same groups from the music audition.  The choreographer will teach a routine to one of the songs from the show and then you will be asked to perform it together as a group.  You may be asked to show off any extra skills  (tumbling, tap dance, contortion, etc) you may have!

What should I wear?
If there is a dance audition, please be adequately prepared to move comfortable by wearing appropriate clothing and shoes (no sandals, boots, bare feet or crocs). Dance shoes or sneakers are best!  Skirts and jeans aren’t the best attire to dance in.  If it is a dance heavy show, you may want to bring some water.

What happens after?
After auditions have concluded, a few people will be contacted and asked to attend “call-backs”.  Call-backs is a second audition where participants sing or read from the script under the role(s) the director(s) specify.  If you are not asked to participate, this does not mean that you are not being considered for a main character or ensemble role.

When will the cast list go up?
Casting a show takes time and consideration.  It may take several days for the director(s) to make a decision.  Once we have the cast list, it will be posted on the main page of the website and on the Lake Region Community Theatre Facebook page. 

Is this your first time performing?  Want to learn more about the show process?  Check out our flyer below with helpful information.
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